Sunday, October 21, 2007

About My Header

Years ago, my husband and I adopted a fat little puppy. She was so fat that she could barely walk. Cheyenne was half wolf and part German Shepherd. As she grew, she thinned out, her colors lightened and she was beautiful.

The man we adopted Cheyenne from was a Native American. He had lived in the very northern most part of Ontario. That's where he found a tiny female wolf cub that had either been abandoned by, or lost her mother. He took her home, bottle fed her and she grew into a beautiful wolf. He hadn't planned to breed her, but the neighbor's dog got loose and so she had a litter of eight puppies. Cheyenne was one of them.

We had Cheyenne for many years. She was protective when needed, but otherwise was a gentle dog. She loved playing with kids, going for a walk and running like the wind. Unfortunately, circumstances forced us to move and we couldn't take her. Fortunately, we found a good home for her on a farm. The family had four kids and they trained Cheyenne to pull their a sleigh.

Cheyenne was happy there. We kept in touch with the people for years. She died in 2001.

All this to say that my header is one that was made from a photo of Cheyenne. Isn't technology wonderful? This header is one of my treasures.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be posting stories and photos about the things that I treasure. I invite everyone who comes by to leave a comment and tell me about the things they treasure, whatever that may be.


Denise said...

She was such a beautiful dog.

Mary said...


Yes, I still miss Cheyenne. She was very special.