Sunday, October 21, 2007

Meet Meeko

I would like to introduce you to Meeko. He is a treasure to me. He is an Alaskan Malamute. We brought him into our home on December 1, 2000, just after my husband's heart bypass surgery.

Meeko was gray and white when we got him. He has black highlights now. He was born on August 31, 2000. He was very easy to house train but a little more stubborn about other training. I spent countless hours in obedience training. We took him to 3 dog obedience classes, which helped. He is very obedient now and does pretty much as he is told. The only thing that is negative about his behavior is that he runs if he gets loose. We run down the street after him and he stays just out of reach, tail held high and his tongue lolling. I sometimes think he is laughing at us.

Meeko is a loyal companion and very pack oriented. Even after seven years, he still howls when we leave the house. He dances in circles when we arrive home. He is very large, which can be very intimidating to people who don't know him. However, he is usually friendly when meeting people and other dogs on the street. When they come onto our property, that is another story. He is very protective of his territory.

Meeko is a beautiful dog. I enjoy having him around and swear he knows exactly what I'm saying when I talk to him. He is intelligence and gentle, even though he weighs 110 pounds. He is the perfect weight for his size.

I hope you enjoyed meeting Meeko. I will be sharing other things that are treasures to me in the coming days and weeks.

Meeko passed away in January 2009 of a tumor in his stomach. We still miss him everyday. 


Melanie said...

I did enjoy meeting Meeko. He is just beautiful! Our furry little friends are an important part of our families. My beagle/basset also runs if she gets loose. To her it's just a big happy game.

Thanks for stopping by my blog to wish me a happy birthday!

Mary said...


I do hope you had a Happy Birthday. I will visit to see if you posted anything about it. I really hope you have.

I'm glad you enjoyed meeting Meeko. He is a darling.


skywriter said...

What a handsome boy he is! I've had two huskies, one Siberian and one Samoyed, Shamu and Sitka. I really miss them.

What a wonderful companion you have.

Mary said...


Yes, Meeko is a wonderful companion. I had an American Eskimo before Meeko and he was a great dog as well. The northern dogs have so much love to give. I'm sure you miss both of yours as much as I miss the American Eskimo.

Thanks for dropping by. I will be visiting your blog again soon.


Naturegirl said...

He surly is handsome your Meeko!hugs NG

Mary said...

Thank you, Naturegirl. Right now he is suffering from a skin allergy. Hope he's better soon.


Mary C said...

Hi Mary - I saw your comment in Mary's View the other day, and clicked on your profile, then decided to visit your blogs. I love your header, but your latest treasure, Meeko, is beautiful. I chuckled when you mentioned about Meeko loves to run when loose. Our family adopted a Siberian Husky when he was 5 years old, and lost him to hemangiosarcoma back in April. But that is one thing my daughter and I remember about Kodiak (Kody), too. He loved you run when he got loose. And he would do the same - tail held high, stay far enough away that we couldn't catch him, and his tongue hanging out like he was laughing at us. We now have my son's two huskies - and they'll do the same thing. These "northern" type dogs are all so beautiful and entertaining - treasures to us all.

Mary said...


Kody sounds a lot like Meeko. The northern dogs are a delight. Before we had Meeko, we had Snowball (named by my daughter because it was a blizzard when we brought him home.) He was an American Eskimo and I will be posting photos of him soon. He was a lovely dog. We lost him to renal kidney disease. I still miss him.

Thanks for dropping by my blogs. I appreciate your visit.

Take care,

Mohawk Chieftain said...

I must say, what beautiful dogs: both of them! Meeko reminds me of Yukon King, from the old, old tv program of the 50s: Sgt. Preston of the Yukon. I, too, am partial to those dogs; maybe it's the Candadian Mohawk part of my ancestory....

Greeneyes said...

Thanks for visiting my blog , always nice to make new friends . I hope you will come back and I certainly will !

Meeko is beautiful , I love all animals , we have many 3 dogs is part of that list one meekos size a collie/german sheppard mix , BIG and gentle like Meeko .
They become part of the family dont they , and fill our lives with love , meeko running off like you said , a friend of mine always has malamute
dogs and they ran ever chance they get and they ae trained but I guess it is part of what makes them great team dogs .
I wish you a great day filled with FUR (HAHA) and happiness .
Take care


Mary said...

mohawk chieftain,

I remember Yukon King. That was a great series. My siblings and I watched it as kids. Wow! That was a while ago. Thanks for reminding me.

Northern dogs are beautiful and they have such great personalities. Meeko "talks" to us but seldom barks. He is very protective of his pack and his territory.

Thanks for dropping by.

Mary said...


Yes, right now we are having dog furry days. LOL Meeko is growing his winter coat, so all the old hair is shedding. It's constant vacuuming.

Meeko is part of the family. Unfortunately, my husband lets him away with too much.

Thanks so much for dropping by. You're welcome anytime. Love those eyes.


gardenmomma (Chris) said...

What an amazingly beautiful animal! He is breathtaking! I grew up with one down the street a few blocks. I remember one day some boys tried to beat me up and that dog jumped the fence and defended me!!! That was 35+ years ago and I still remember it. Thanks for sharing Meeko with us! Chris

Mary said...


Meeko is very protective of me. He will make friends with people on the street, but if anyone gets too close or comes onto what he considers his territory, he defends it. I never worry when Meeko is with me. I believe he would protect me or die trying.

NorthBayPhoto said...

Great photo of Meeko. I liked his story as well.

Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog. NorthBay isn't that far north of Southern Ontario. Glad your cousin likes living in the Bay.

Sharon said...

What a beautiful dog! :) Sharon

Kylee said...

Wow, what a gorgeous dog Meeko is! Our Simba is part Alaskan Malamute and loves the snow. We've got pictures of her actually sleeping out in it with snow falling on her, rather than in her house. Seeing her play in the snow is just plain delightful.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments!

Denise said...

I very much enjoyed meeting meeko.

Radio Man said...

I like your dog. It reminds me of my dog, also a malamute and also named "Meeko". I wish I could introduce you to her.